Each year TESPTO hosts a variety of events for our students and the Topsfield community at large. 


ENRICHMENT: Our Board works with Steward and Proctor teachers to identify curriculum experts, who are then invited to the school to present on a particular topic that often corresponds to a lesson plan. Past visitors have included the Amazing Nano Brothers, Curious Creatures, and Jay Mankita with a Rube Goldberg workshop.


COMMUNITY EVENTS: Each year we host a number of community-driven events, many of which are free and open to the Topsfield community. In the past we have co-hosted Breakfast with Santa, and brought the Airborne Comedians to Proctor for an evening of juggling. 


All money donated to TESPTO goes back to the community in the form of event planning, teacher support, technology, and more. Thank you for helping us make these events possible!

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